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Graduate Portfolio

Here lies a portfolio of work I have completed throughout my university studies.

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50/50 by 2030 Foundation

Visual Campaign for ReBrand

This visual campaign is the final product produced to meet the brief given by the 50/50 by 2030 Foundation's executive team. As a team, we created strong visual image designs that are explainers of personal experiences with gender inequality. Quotes from the general public were collected and adapted into: stickers; t-shirts; Facebook, Instagram and Twitter tiles; and posters. The quotes were then paired with royalty-free stock headshots and information or statistics relating to the gender issue presented by the quote. “How’s that Fair?” was the tagline created and paired with a supporting themed hashtag.


Allocated as team leader for this project, it was my role to oversee the completion of all work and ensure all parties, including myself, were progressing on tasks in-line with deadlines and the overall mission. After collaborating on all the poster designs and collection of quotes, I was also solely responsible for producing the strategy document alongside, the sticker and t-shirt designs. 

Click the button below to see all the deliverables produced for this project.

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ABC Friends Victoria

Public Relations Institute of Australia
Pitch This Competition
Social Media Campaign Submission

In response to the brief provided by the PRIA Pitch This competition, my team of four created the following social media campaign as an engagement strategy for attracting younger audiences towards the ABC Friends Victoria's mission. 

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Screen Shot 2022-10-23 at 4.24.22 pm.png

Our social media campaign encourages ABC Friends Victoria to create three tiers of social media content that elevates the brand awareness 18-40 year-old Victorians have of the ABC. Utilising the nostalgia of childhood shows and radio favourites, Triple J, we recommended creating and publishing videos that demonstrate what life would be like without the ABC. This is to be supported by influencer partnerships, interviews, and static social media tiles. 

Alongside collaborating and contributing to the creation of the strategy, my role consisted of scripting the pitch selling our campaign, editing the entire pitch video, and producing some of the social media example posts.

You can watch the pitch of our campaign strategy below.

Click the adjacent link to view the full strategy document.

Further Documents

The following are more highly distinguished assignments I completed during my Bachelor degrees. They represent an amalgamation of both my communications and business knowledge and skills. 

Click the hyperlinks to review them if you wish to see further my writing capabilities and understanding of professional practices.

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Identification of customer journey for Service Management

Screen Shot 2022-10-22 at 5.53.55 pm.png

Calvin Klein Brand Analysis

College Film

Below is a short film made in 2018, my final year of college, that was the highest-ranked assessment piece submitted across all Media and Photography courses for the specific task period. 

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