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I'm Erin Slaven and am a qualified Business Management and Communications and Media specialist. I most recently graduated from the University of Canberra achieving both, a Bachelor of Business Management and a Bachelor of Corporate and Public Communications. I finished these degrees with three Dean's Awards, was the recipient of the Public Relations Insititute of Australia (PRIA) ACT's Oustanding Student Award, and was part of the winning group of PRIA's national Pitch This! competition. These awards were given on the basis of academic success and recognition of industry potential, alongside my invitation and acceptance of membership to the Golden Key Honor Society.


I have spent the past four years studying the ins and outs of businesses; how to identify and engage their stakeholders, create successful social media campaigns, identify business opportunities and risks and appropriately manage them, and how to best market a company and its mission. I am now seeking opportunities to apply these skills and contribute to an organisation's success.

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My Story

As a highly motivated individual who thrives in high pressure situations, I am a fast learner and have a high attention to detail. I take pride in my literacy and communication skills and have experience using multiple Adobe Creative Cloud software. I am a critical problem solver with a creative flair. I enjoy writing, creating media assets, videography, fitness (especially rugby league), fashion and if you couldn't tell, smiling. 

I am striving to expand my professional knowledge and hands-on experience, and welcome any opportunity that is offered to develop my career.


Please take the time to review my portfolio and contact me with any enquiries you may have.

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